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WJL Wild American Ginseng Slices

WJL Wild American Ginseng Slices

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WJL Wild American Ginseng Small Slices 1 tael (37.5g)


* American ginseng is native to North America and Canada. It is a powerful herb that increases the "Yang" energy in the body, stimulates immune function, slows the aging process, and improves stamina, mental function and energy.

*Wild American ginseng grows in the natural, wild environment with no pesticide and fungicide, and is manually excavated, making it very rare and valuable as compared to cultivated American ginseng.

* Wild American Ginseng carries a more earthy and potent flavour than its cultivated counterparts, which is expected of a wild root that was grown in pristine soils filled with high minerals and nutrients bestowed by mother nature. The most potent ginseng are the wild ones. As compared to its cultivated counterparts, the Chinese believe that the slower growing wild roots, which are harvested at an older age, absorb more curative power from the forest floor (Persons, 1994). ⁣

* Our American ginseng is of superior quality, with a natural pure taste that’s mildly sweet, rich and refreshing.⁣ For over 70 years, we take pride in ensuring the authenticity of our wild American ginseng. Our wild American ginseng, sourced directly from America, undergoes rigorous grading and sorting that is conducted in-house to ensure superior quality to our customers.