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CKJ Hwang Gan Cheong

CKJ Hwang Gan Cheong


CKJ Hwang Gan Cheong is specially designed to promote liver health, for those who drink frequently.

84g (120 tablets)

About this Product

Cheong Kwan Jang Korean Red Ginseng Hwang Jin Dan is specially designed for the middle-aged who consume alcohol frequently, especially those who easily turns red after drinking.

Functions of 6 year-old Korean red ginseng:
Boosts stamina, counteracts fatigue and improves physical endurance
Normalises blood pressure, improves blood circulation and metabolism
Enhances brain activity, calms the mind
Protects the lungs and strengthens the spleen and stomach

Hwang Gan Cheong combines Korean red ginseng extract and milk thistle to help protect individuals from liver damage and relieve hangovers. It is especially popular in Korea, where Korean men frequently engage in heavy drinking sessions.

Hwang Gan Cehong is a functional health food approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Hwang Gan Cheong helps to break down alcohol to ease the effects of hangovers from drinking. The recommended course of Hwang Gan Cheong is over 2 months, to achieve its fundamental functions to regenerate liver cells and decompose toxins in the liver, for long term liver health. 

Main Ingredients: 40% 6 year-old Korean red ginseng extract, milk thistle

Dose form: Tablets

Packaging: 84g (120 tablets)

Recommended dosage: 1-2 tablets a day