Wing Joo Loong Wild American Ginseng Slices (野山美国泡参片)
Wing Joo Loong Wild American Ginseng Slices (野山美国泡参片)

Wild American Ginseng Slices (野山美国泡参片)

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American ginseng is one of Wing Joo Loong's flagship products, trusted for its authenticity and superior quality. It is considered a Yin-tonic that is cooling, Qi-tonifying and yet calms the spirit.

Wild vs. Cultivated American Ginseng:
Herb nature: Wild American ginseng is warmer in nature as compared to cultivated American ginseng. Due to this difference, cultivated American ginseng is generally not recommended for those suffering from yang-deficiency, intolerance to cold, swelling or puffiness in different areas of the body or painful menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea). Wild American ginseng, on the other hand, is generally suitable for everyone.
- Potency: The most potent ginseng are the wild ones. It is believed that the slower growing wild roots, which are harvested at an older age, absorb more curative power from the forest floor.
- Appearance: Wild American ginseng has a darker colour and exhibits more concentric growth rings than cultivated American ginseng
- Taste: Wild American ginseng carries a more earthy and potent flavour than its cultivated counterparts. Our wild American ginseng is of superior quality, with a natural pure taste that is mildly sweet, rich and refreshing. 

Benefits of American ginseng:
- Stimulates the immune system
- Boosts energy
- Clears heat
- Improves mental function
- Calms the mind
- Promotes generation of body fluids
- Promotes normal blood sugar levels
- Soothes intestinal irritation

Recommended for those who experience:*
- High stress
- Lethargy or lack of strength
- Work overtime and sleep late
- Vulnerability to sore throat and fever
- Feelings of vexation
- Thirst and dry mouth 
- Dry stools or constipation
- Feeling warm at the palms and soles, especially in the night
- Smoke or experience shortness of breath
- Consume excessive alcohol

*Please consult your doctor if you are currently on medications.

How to consume: 
Simply infuse in hot water for 5 mins before drinking or add it to your soup for more nutritious meal times. 

Recommended dosage: 3g daily

Why Wing Joo Loong:
The increased demand for American ginseng has seen the introduction of China-grown American ginseng in the market. While that has been the trend in recent years, we only source from the motherland of American ginseng and clearly state the country origin on our product labels.

It generally takes around 4 to 8 years to plant, grow and harvest American ginseng. Every ginseng goes through a long growth cycle and process before it reaches the hands of consumers: preparation of land, sowing of seeds, watering, fertilising, managing crops, harvesting, washing, drying, sorting, grading and packing. Our American ginseng are imported from America and our family-run plantation in Canada, while sorting and grading take place in-house in Singapore.