Four Heavenly Herbs Package (四大天王配套)

Four Heavenly Herbs Package (四大天王配套)

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Wing Joo Loong carefully selects the herbs used in this popular concoction, formulated over time and experience that has been passed down from generation to generation. We take pride in combining these four valuable herbs, creating an all-rounded product to promote general well-being for the whole family.
Our Wild Cordyceps Sinensis, sourced naturally from areas in Tibet and China, supplements the lungs and boost the kidneys.
Our Wild American Ginseng, sourced directly from America, boost vital Qi, nourishes yin and increase mental alertness.
Our Premium Dendrobium, native to China and some Southeast Asian countries, nourishes yin, clear bodily heat and brightens the eyes.
Our Natoginseng, grown under stringent conditions in China, eliminates blood stasis, reducing swelling and alleviating pain.
The wide range of therapeutic effects of Wing Joo Loong’s Four Heavenly Herbs makes it suitable for the whole family; strengthening immunity, boosting energy and thereby, improving general health.

Can be ground into powder, or encapsulated for convenience.

Main ingredients
Wild Cordyceps 37.5g

Wild American Ginseng 37.5g

Dendrobium 37.5g

Natoginseng 37.5g

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