WJL Cultivated American Ginseng Slices

WJL Cultivated American Ginseng Slices

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The use of ginseng depends on its inherent properties and each person's body constitution and health issues. American ginseng has the effects of invigorating Qi (energy) and nourishing Yin. It also helps to boost energy, promote normal blood sugar levels, boost immunity, soothe intestinal irritation and fight mental fatigue. Canadian ginseng has similar efficacies to American ginseng and gives a slightly sweeter aftertaste.

What are some symptoms of Qi and Yin deficiencies?

  • Symptoms of Qi deficiency may include loss of appetite, fatigue, acid reflux, bloatedness, loose stools, dizziness and pale complexion.
  • A Yin deficient body constitution may show symptoms such as vulnerability to sore throat and fever, irritability, dry stools or constipation, feeling warm at the palms of the hand and soles of the feet especially in the night, and dry mouth and nose.

Daily dosage of 5-10g is recommended for adults to boost immunity. To consume, you can infuse in hot water for 5 mins before drinking, add it to soup, or steam together with rice during cooking.