Osmanthus Flower (Gui Hua 桂花)
Osmenthus Flower (Gui Hua 桂花)

Osmanthus Flower (Gui Hua 桂花)

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Osmanthus tea also known as sweet olive tea is one of the most exquisite flowers that can be used to make an aromatic and delicious tea. It is not only sweet and flavourful but is packed with many health benefits to help boost your day up!

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients which relieves fatigue
Promotes eye and skin health
Reduces appetite to promote weight loss
Lowers blood pressure
Has detoxification effects
Relieves cough and phlegm

Use Direction:
Place 1 teaspoon or as preferred into tea cup. Add hot water and cover. Wait 3 minutes before drinking.

Goes well with honey or green tea.