Kuo Health Seaweed Whitebait Fish Porridge 海菜喂仔鱼粥
Kuo Health Seaweed Whitebait Fish Porridge 海菜喂仔鱼粥
Kuo Health Seaweed Whitebait Fish Porridge 海菜喂仔鱼粥

Kuo Health Seaweed Whitebait Fish Porridge 海菜喂仔鱼粥

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100% natural instant baby porridge with no added seasoning and preservatives.

Kuo Health's nutritious Seaweed Whitebait Fish Porridge is cooked using high quality chicken stock prepared from chicken carcass, dried bonito flakes, seaweed and very small amount of ginger. Ginger helps to keep baby's stomach warm and aids the absorption and digestion of food, however it does not leave a spicy taste in the porridge. Instead of commercially available whitebait fish, Kuo Health uses fresh whitebait for fresh sweetness without the fishy taste. Vegetables such as Japanese onions and carrots are finely chopped, steam fried without oil until they are fragrant and sweet before being added into the porridge.

It is convenient and handy for on-the-go meals, during staycations and travelling.

Suitable for: 6 months old and above. Note: As each baby's development is different, please gauge your child's readiness for solid foods before trying. It is generally recommended for babies to be able to sit upright before introducing them to solid foods. Do supervise your baby while eating.

Tear open pouch and warm up the porridge over low heat in a pot. You may also submerge the food pouch in hot water for around 3-5 minutes before serving. The food packaging material is made of RCPP film, which is designed for high temperature sterilisation and can withstand up to 130 degrees celcius, making it safe for contact with food when heating up.

Note: Do not heat the pouch directly in a microwave. Pour the porridge into a bowl before heating up in a microwave for around 30 secs (750W) before serving.

Chicken stock (water, chicken carcass), white rice, Japanese onion, whitebait fish, carrot, bonito flakes, seaweed, ginger 

Two pouches per box (150g per pouch)

Store at room temperature, in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

HACCP and ISO22000 certified. 100% safe as certified by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute in Taiwan. Each pouch is produced using high temperature and high-pressure sterilisation to preserve the nutrients and ensure food safety.

Origin: Taiwan