Hokkaido Dried Scallops (Small) Wing Joo Loong

Small Dried Hokkaido Scallops (日本北海道干贝 小粒)

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Wing Joo Loong has been a trusted source for 100% authentic dried Hokkaido scallops since 1947. Dried scallops are high in protein, taurine, potassium, zinc, Vitamins B12 and folic acid. In TCM, Japanese scallops are used to replenish Yin and blood, and helps to tonify the kidneys.

Suitable for all ages to consume as a soup stock or mixed into porridge. 

What is the difference between Japanese and Chinese scallops? 

  • Quality: Dried Japanese scallops undergo stringent production, process control and inspection hence they tend to be of higher quality
  • Taste: Dried Japanese scallops tend to be more fully flavoured and fragrant than Chinese scallops. Dried Chinese scallops are mainly made from frozen scallops and tend to have a saltier taste. 

In general, dried scallops are graded based on weight and size of each scallop. Larger scallops tend to be more fragrant and also more expensive than small scallops.

Note: As this is a natural product, white spots may be found on the scallops which come from the salt content present inside them.