Hiromi Sleep & Relax KOSO 300 Enzyme Drink
Hiromi Sleep & Relax KOSO 300 Enzyme Drink
Sleep & Relax Koso 300 Enzyme by Hiromi 癒眠酵素
Sleep & Relax Koso 300 Enzyme by Hiromi 癒眠酵素
Hiromi Sleep & Relax KOSO 300 Enzyme Drink

Sleep & Relax Koso 300 Enzyme by Hiromi 癒眠酵素

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Fall asleep easily with the aid of Hiromi Sleep & Relax Koso 300 Enzyme. The Hiromi Sleep & Relax Koso 300 Enzyme is a 100% natural, high-quality enzyme concentrate that is rich in nutrients and amino acids. It is fermented for over 1000 days, using over 300 types of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. The enzyme drink contains natural compounds, such as L-Theanine and GABA, to provide a neuroprotective effect and decreased activity in the nervous system that can help the mind relax and enhance sleep quality.

Other benefits of enzymes:
● Relieves digestive issues such as bloating and diarrhea
● Alleviates constipation
● Strengthens immunity
● Enhances nutrient absorption
● Promotes better skin complexion
● Improves the intestinal environment, thereby reducing bad breath

Suitable for all ages, from young children to the elderly, including during nursing as the enzyme drink contains oligosaccharides that grow good bacteria.

Note: Please check the ingredients list if you have any allergies. If you are currently pregnant or on medication, kindly consult your doctor first before consuming the product. Please stop drinking immediately and consult a doctor should you experience any discomfort.

Recommended dosage:
30-100ml daily for adults. Drink as it is or dilute 30-50ml in a cup of water, depending on your preference. Dilute 5ml of the enzyme in 25–50ml of water and mix well before giving it to a child to drink.

Take it before or after a meal. However, if you want to cut down on your food intake, it is recommended to consume it 30 minutes before your meal. If you tend to have digestive or heartburn issues, taking this after meals can help improve digestion.

Note: It is possible to drink more than the recommended amount as long as you are on a balanced diet daily. For enzyme fasting, the recommended amount is 150ml a day.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Please keep refrigerated once opened.

Why Hiromi?
Hiromi Sleep & Relax Koso 300 Enzyme is superior to other brands in many areas:
● Over 1000 days of natural fermentation and aging (vs 1-6 months)
● Over 300 types of ingredients (vs few types)
● Waterless fermentation (vs adding water to speed up fermentation)
● Okinawa brown sugar (vs raw cane sugar)
● Fermented with a special Kuratsuki-kobo yeast from sake, which has been living since 1830 (vs lactic acid bacteria or yeast found in vegetables and fruits)

Using Japanese traditional fermentation technology, the plant ingredients are soaked in their entirety without being finely chopped to best preserve their nutrients.

Sugar is absolutely essential as a base material for fermentation. The Okinawan brown sugar used in the enzyme drinks is rich in minerals, vitamins, and calcium, in addition to having a lower proportion of sucrose than that of white sugar.

Origin: Fermented, matured and bottled in Japan