Ckj Cheon Nok Extract 180G X 2 Bottles Cheong Kwan Jang

CKJ Cheon Nok Extract

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Cheon Nok Extract is a premium blend of Korean red ginseng and precious deer antlers, specially made for those who wish to lead a healthy life using KGC's technology and devotion. Premium deer antler products, made from carefully handpicked antlers of deer grown in natural environment under strict controls, and formulated with traditional ingredients.

This health functional food, rich in antioxidants, helps to build the immune system, relieve fatigue, boost memory, and improve blood circulation by inhibiting platelet aggregation.

2-6g a day, before or after food
New users are recommended start by taking a reduced dose for a period of one month to get their body accustomed to the efficacies of Korean red ginseng.

*Not recommended during pregnancy. If you're under medication, please seek doctor's advice first.

Please avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. Refrigerate after opening.

180g x 2 bottles

Main Ingredients
21.68% Korean red ginseng, velvet deer antler extract