Chosyoku KOSO by Nihon Cehla Enzyme Drink
Chosyoku KOSO by Nihon Cehla Enzyme Drink
Choshoku Koso Breakfast Enzyme by Nihon Cehla 朝食酵素
Chosyoku KOSO by Nihon Cehla Enzyme Drink

Choshoku Koso Breakfast Enzyme by Nihon Cehla 朝食酵素

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For those who are new to natural enzyme drinks, you may try the Choshoku Koso (Breakfast Enzyme) as it is low in calories and contains the full spectrum of nutrients. It also contains probiotics and prebiotics to improve gut health and relieve digestive issues such as bloating and diarrhea. 

1000 days of fermentation and aging
Made up of 106 types of fruits and vegetables, which are fermented with 191-year-old Kuratsuki-kobo yeast from sake, the Choshoku Koso (Breakfast Enzyme) is created after 1000 days of waterless fermentation and aging process.

191 years old living yeast from sake
The 191-year-old Kuratsuki-kobo yeast from sake that was used in the fermentation also contains useful flora and fauna that are essential to our gut health balance. 

Using Okinawan brown sugar
Sugar is absolutely essential as a base material for fermentation. The Okinawan brown sugar used in the enzyme drinks are rich in minerals, vitamins and calcium, in addition to having a lower proportion of sucrose than that of white sugar. 

Powerful natural enzymes
At the end of the process, the liquid transforms into a potent blend rich in nutrients and amino acids, before it is extracted as powerful natural enzymes used in the Choshoku Koso. 

- Improves gut health
- Relieves digestive issues e.g. bloating and diarrhea
- Improves intestinal motility
- Strengthens immune system
- Protects our body against infections
- Enhances nutrients absorption
Promotes anti-aging and healthier skin 
- Enhances blood flow
- Improves intestinal environment thereby reducing bad breath 

Fermented, matured and bottled in Japan 

Comparing against other brands: 
- 3 years of fermentation and aging (vs 1-6 months) 
- 106 types of ingredients (vs few types)
- Waterless fermentation (vs adding water to speed up fermentation)
- Okinawa brown sugar (vs raw cane sugar)
- 191 years old living yeast from sake, used for fermentation (vs lactic acid bacteria or yeast found in vegetables and fruits)

Who is it suitable for? 
- As this is a naturally fermented food made from plants, it can be enjoyed by anyone from young children to the elderly, regardless of age and gender.* 
- Suitable and beneficial for pregnant women and nursing mums as the enzyme drink contains oligosaccharides that grow good bacteria. 

*Please check the ingredients list if you have any allergies. If you are currently on medication, kindly consult your doctor first before consuming the product. Please stop drinking immediately and consult a doctor should you experience any discomfort. 

Recommended consumption: 
30-100ml daily for adults. Safe for babies and children to drink: Dilute 5ml of the enzyme in 25–50ml of water and mix well before giving it to a child to drink.

30ml per day = 24 days
50ml per day = 15 days 

Note: It is possible to drink more than the recommended amount as long as you are on a balanced diet daily. For enzyme fasting, the recommended amount is 150ml a day. 

How to consume: 
Drink as it is or dilute in twice amount of water as the enzyme amount, depending on your preference. 

Take it before or after a meal. However, if you want to cut down on your food intake, it is recommended to take it 30 minutes before meals. If you tend to have digestive or heartburn issues, taking this after meals can help improve digestion. 

720ml (1 bottle)