Unearthing Korea's superfood: Korean red ginseng

Korea's secret superfood
Cheong Kwan Jang | Korean Red Ginseng
A natural health booster
6-years-grown for maximum efficacy
The wonders of Korean red ginseng
Main Active Ingredients of Red Ginseng Comparison of main active ingredients among Korean Ginseng (P. panax), and American ginseng (P. quinquefolius).
Active Ingredient Korean Red Ginseng American Ginseng
Kinds of Saponin 31 19
PD/PT Ratio 1.33 2.15
Polyacetylene (%) 0.089 0.064
Acidic Polysaccharide(%) 7.74 2.09
Benefits of Key Active Constituents Functions of Ginsenoside Saponins & Non-Saponins found in Korean Red Ginseng
Type Active Ingredient Benefits
Saponin Ro Alcohol detoxification, immune system, anti-inflammation
-PD Rb1 Central nerve control, liver protection, antioxidant processes
-PT Rc Sedative, protein and lipid synthesis facilitation
Re Blood regulation, anti-oxidant
Rf Neuron protection
Rg1 Supporting cognition, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, immune system, liver protection
Rh1 Liver protection, immune system
Rh2 Immune system
Non-saponin Polyacetylene Immune system, preventing thrombosis, inhibiting lipid peroxidation
Phenolic compounds Antioxidant processes, anti-aging
Acidic polysaccharides Anti-aging, reducing side effects of certain drugs, immune system, preventing hyperlipidemia
Insulin analog Lowering blood-sugar levels
Is Korean red ginseng heaty?
Cheong Kwan Jang | Korean Red Ginseng
Regulating the dosage is key
Easing into your ginseng regime