Hiromi & Chosyoku Japanese Enzyme Drinks

Hiromi & Chosyoku Japanese Enzyme Drinks
Excellent health begins with the gut

Did you know? Our body’s production of natural enzymes starts to slow down as we age, leading to indigestion, weight gain and other health issues. Maintaining a healthy level of digestive and metabolic enzymes in our digestive system helps to break down food into nutrients that our body can easily absorb.

Clean out your digestive system and support your body’s natural healing power with the Hiromi and Chosyoku Koso range of high quality enzyme drinks. Enzymes can help relieve digestive issues such as bloating and diarrhoea, strengthen the immune system, improve energy levels, regulate cholesterol levels, improve insomnia or poor quality of sleep, and reduce allergies overtime.

100-300 types of ingredients
3 years of fermentation and aging
Chosyoku Koso (Breakfast Enzyme)
Hiromi Sleep & Relax Koso 300
Hiromi Slimming Koso 300