Empowering healthy lifestyles since 1947

Wing Joo Loong is a modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company, with a core mission to empower individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles with the finest natural health and wellness herbs and supplements.

In fact, the Wing Joo Loong brand has been a hallmark for quality traditional herbs in Singapore for more than 70 years. Our roots run deep, dating back to 1947, where we first started as a wholesaler for TCM herbs. Today, we strive to stay at the forefront of the industry by tapping on our rich heritage as well as unparalleled experience and knowledge in TCM herbs to help address modern consumer needs. 

We take pride in ensuring the authenticity of our raw herbs by only sourcing from their native origins. This is because many documents about Chinese medicinals throughout history have recorded that medicinals of high quality and remarkable clinical effectiveness have their own specific places of origin1.

All our raw herbs undergo rigorous in-house grading and sorting to ensure that only the higher grades reach the hands of our customers.

At Wing Joo Loong, we believe that the preservation of health is the key to lifelong good health. A strong and thriving immune system is one’s best armour. Our service staff go the extra mile to understand each customer’s condition before recommending the right product that provides optimal effectiveness based on his or her unique body constitution. Whether you are experienced with traditional herbs, or new to this TCM journey, we are committed to guiding and helping each customer achieve balance by adopting a more holistic wellness approach through TCM.

 1 Teng, J. (2007). Chinese Materia Medica. Beijing: Peoples Medical Publishing House.