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Saiga Antelope Horn

"Yu Loong" brand of Saiga Antelope Horn, or Leng Yang, is obtained from the saiga antelope originating mainly from Russia and Kazakhstan. The saiga antelopes horn have become rare and expensive due to excessive poaching. Consequently, goat horns, which appear identical to the saiga antelope horn but has less medical value, are often sold as saiga antelope horns.

The saiga antelope horn is primarily used to relieve the body off its heatiness and toxicity. It also calms and clears the liver. The horn is commonly given to treat high fever and headaches due to excessive body heatiness, and on other occasions, the treatment of fright epilepsy, dizziness, vexation and agitation. Modern research supports that saiga antelope horn has a tranquilizing effect on convulsions, dispels fever and lowers blood pressure.

Form: Raw, Shavings, Powder
Saiga Antelope Horn 羚羊