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Bird's Nest

"Yu Loong" brand of bird’s nest are of high quality, which have helped to build a strong reputation over the past 40 years. Both cave and house nests are commercially available, with the cave nests being more expensive due to the dangerous work involved in their collection.

Research has found that swiftlet’s saliva contains antioxidants and promotes cell regeneration, which is believed to improve complexion. Bird’s nest is also rich in protein and micro-elements which help boost immunity. In TCM classics, bird’s nest is believed to enhance health and boost the immune system. It is known nourish to the lungs, relieving respiratory problems like phlegm and cough.

Bird’s nest is recommended for everyone as it enhances immunity. It is especially recommended for pregnant women, as it nourishes the fetus, and the elderly, by increasing energy and treating respiratory and digestion problems.

Forms: Raw
Bird's Nest 燕窝