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"Yu Loong" brand of cordyceps are of high quality, which have helped to build a strong reputation over the past 40 years. Cordyceps are a prized herb due to its rarity and potent benefits.

In TCM, consumption of cordyceps is believed to strengthen body functions and immunity. Recent studies and research have supported the belief that this herb improves the functionality of the body, aids in the building of muscles and increasing the body's oxygen intake. Cordyceps are also popular for its effectiveness in treating asthma and breathlessness, phlegm and cough relief, and it’s ability to improve the male sexual function.

The benefits of cordyceps make it beneficial and suitable for all ages and genders, especially those who are often over exhausted and face breathlessness.

Dose form: Raw, Powdered, Capsules
Cordyceps 冬虫夏草