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Korean Red Ginseng Tea

This popular instant tea is made from 6-year-old KRG and has a delicate ginseng flavor to suit consumers taste.

KRG Tea contains a mix of Korean ginseng and jujube and is for those who prefer a softer taste of ginseng and does not require additional sweeteners, although honey may be used. Convenient to use, KRG Tea is contained in packets and made into quickly dissolving granules for instant tea.

For those who require a more robust tea with a stronger dose of ginseng, consider KRG Extract Tea.

Ingredients: 12% 6-year-old Korean red ginseng Extract, Glucose, Lactose, Jujube concentrate
Dose form: Sachets of granules
Packaging: 3grams*50 sachets
Recommended dosage: 1 sachet each time, up to 3 times daily based on individual preference
Korean Red Ginseng Tea