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Korean Red Ginseng Powder

KRG Powder is a pure ginseng product containing 100% ground 6-year-old Korean red ginseng.

Individuals who want to fully enjoy the genuine aroma and taste of Korean red ginseng can mix the powder in hot water, in varied concentrations in accordance to individual preference. This product can also be used as a healthy ingredient to be added to food recipes, to be ingested to reap the health benefits of Korean red ginseng.

For those who suffer from indigestion, KRG Powder combined with honey is recommended.

For those who prefer portability, consider KRG Tablets or Powder Capsules instead.

Ingredients: 100% 6-year-old Korean red ginseng Powder
Dose form: Powder
Packaging: 60grams
Recommended dosage: 1 gram, 3 times a day (children under 15 are advised to take half of the regular dosage)
Korean Red Ginseng Powder