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Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill

KRG Extract Pills are made by matching natural herbs with the 6 year-old Korean red ginseng Extract. One of the best sellers, it is convenient to use and is reasonably priced.

Made small and round for optimal swallowing, Extract Pills retains the rich active components of Korean red ginseng at optimal levels, without requiring any preparation. Extract Pills are suitable for everyone seeking to strengthen the immune system. Containing dietary fibers, it also aids those with digestive problems.

Ingredients: 36% of 6-year-old Korean red ginseng extract, Rice powder, Fructooligosaccharide and microcrystalline cellurose, Sticky rice powder, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Dose form: Pills
Packaging: 168grams (approx. 800pills)
Recommended dosage: 5 pills, 3 times a day. Take with water. (children under 15 are advised to take half of the regular dosage)
Korean Red Ginseng Extract Pill