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Korean Red Ginseng Root

Cheong Kwan Jang KRG Root is an exquisite product from 6-year-old purified KRG roots produced by Korea Ginseng Corporation, a global leader in the ginseng industry with over a hundred years of history and know-how.

Each KGR root undergoes a vigorous screening process and are classified into different grades - Heaven, Earth and Good grade. Heaven Grade Roots constitute only 0.5% of each production and are targeted at extremely quality-conscious consumers. Earth Grade Roots make up 20% of production and are recommended for those who require a more affordable, high quality product, and Good Grade Roots are for those who want a reasonably priced KRG root product.

KRG Roots make excellent gifts, providing the benefits of strengthening the immune system and recovery from fatigue and revitalization. KRG Roots are recommended for those who appreciate this premium herb in its raw form, who want to enjoy the strong flavour and aroma of KRG.

Dose form: Raw KRG Roots
Packaging: Varying weights of different grades, packed in metal tins
Recommended dose: 2-3 pieces of sliced ginseng in water, 2-3 times a day.
Korean Red Ginseng Root