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Frequently Asked Questions


About us.
The Wing Joo Loong brand has been a hallmark for quality traditional herbs in Singapore ever since our inception more than 50 years ago in 1947. Founded on the belief of uncompromising standards in our products, we continuously strive to ensure their authenticity for our clients with an evaluation process that has been refined through the years.
About Korea Ginseng Corporation and Cheong Kwan Jang.
The history of Korea Ginseng Corporation is integrated into the history of the Korean government. KGC and their Cheong Kwan Jang brand have a long and time-honored hundred-year legacy as the leader in Korean ginseng. Exerting all possible efforts to make Cheong Kwan Jang Korean red ginseng into a globally recognized and honored brand, KGC has established branch offices and distribution networks throughout the world.


What is the shelf life of the Korean red ginseng products?
Cheong-Kwan-Jang’s Korean red ginseng root products are vacuum packed in tins. If the tins are left unopened, it is possible to store them for a period beyond 10 years, as the ginseng roots are boiled by steam and dried before being packed, allowing them to be preserved for a long time.
The shelf lives of Korean red ginseng processed products, such as the extract, pills, powders and drinks range between 2-3 years.
For online orders, only products with an expiry date that is at least 6 months away will be delivered, unless otherwise highlighted on the product page.
Why only 6-year-old Korean red ginseng roots are used in Cheong-Kwan-Jang’s product?
Ginseng reaches its peak in its sixth year of growth, at which there is a balanced development of the head, main body and lateral tail roots. In the sixth year, ginseng contains a balanced mix of the major medicinal properties and components, hence they are more highly regarded than 4 or 5-year-old ginsengs. However, due to the high vulnerability to blight and insects, deceleration of growth, woody disuse and expansion of inner cavities as the ginseng enters its 7th year of growth, 6-year-old ginseng are harvested as the ginseng is considered to be at its peak.
Are there any possible adverse effects from the consumption of Korean red ginseng?
Korean red ginseng is non-toxic and is considered a long-term, high functional herb in TCM. Cleansing reactions or abnormal symptoms may occur depending on individual body conditions and constitutions. However, these reactions are said to be part of a healing process which might take place for up to a week from consumption, and will gradually dissipate over time.
In the case of allergic reactions, symptoms are expected to disappear once consumption is stopped.
What is the relationship between Korean red ginseng and internal body heat?
Ginseng does not increase body temperature. However, Korean red ginseng helps to regulate the body and blood pressure, making us feel that the body temperature has increased, giving the wrong perception that Korean red ginseng is heaty in nature.
In general, it is advised that a person suffering from fever or cold should not consume Korean red ginseng.
Is there any difference between the grades of Korean red ginseng?
Korean red ginseng roots are classified into Heaven, Earth, Good and Cut grade according to the appearance and condition of the tissue. External factors include the shape, condition of outer skin, cracks and color. The internal condition of the tissue depends on the compactness of the root, the inner whiteness and the content of active substances.
Heaven grade roots have more compact and darker inner tissues compared to the Earth and Good grade roots. Usually, Korean red ginseng with compact tissue and good appearance has higher quality and better efficacy.
Heaven ginseng roots are certified to have the most outstanding qualities, and are very limited in quantity, hence are very expensive and valuable.


Do sales take place only online or at physical locations as well?
Purchases can be made online or at any one of our physical locations.

To view the full range of products, including premium herbs and CKJ products, please visit our Head Office located at 30 & 31 North Canal Road, Singapore 059286.

Cheong-Kwan-Jang products can also be found at the following locations:

Cheong Kwan Jang City Store
Chinatown Point #B2-25
133 New Bridge Road,
Singapore 059413
T: +65 6444 3389

Cheong Kwan Jang Airport Store
Changi Airport T2
Departure Transit Lounge

Cheong Kwan Jang Counters:
  • Yue Hwa Chinese Products (裕华国货) at Chinatown
  • Yue Hwa Chinese Products (裕华国货) at Jurong Point
  • Guardian Pharmacy at Marina Bay Sands
  • Guardian Pharmacy at North Point
  • Selected Fairprice, Cheers, Watsons, Bee's Brand and Unity Pharmacy Outlets
How do i make an online purchase?
Online purchases can be made by completing the order process on the website. This can be done with or without registration of an account. However, with a registered account, you will be able track orders, review your order history, and enjoy additional discounts.
What payment methods do you accept?
Currently, only the following cards can be used:
  • Mastercard credit or debit
  • Visa credit or debit
  • Paypal
Can I order items over the phone?
Please call us at +65 6538 3838 to enquire. We will assist you over the phone.
Will I receive an email telling me that my order was successfully placed?
Yes, an email confirmation will be sent via email to the email address provided at the time the order is placed. If a confirmation is not received within 2 days, please call +65 6538 3838 or email to let us know.


How do I qualify for free delivery?
Free delivery is offered for orders above $200.
I do not qualify for free delivery, how much would delivery cost?
For orders below $200, a flat delivery charge of $20 will be applicable.
Can I send my items to multiple addresses?
Sorry but no. Only one mailing address in Singapore will be accepted for each transaction. To send items to different addresses, multiple transactions will have to be made.
Do you deliver overseas?
Unfortunately no, we do not ship overseas at the moment.
When will my items be delivered?
We will try to deliver the products ordered within 3 working days from the time the order is placed.
Can I choose a specific day and time for my delivery?
You may select the preferred timeslot of delivery when placing the order, and we will try our best to schedule it accordingly. If we fail to do so, we will contact you to schedule another timeslot for delivery.
What happens if no one is at home to receive the delivery?
Please ensure that recipient is present to receive the delivery and to sign on the delivery invoice during the specified time slot. Any redeliveries will incur additional redelivery fee per delivery at the your expense.
I need my items urgently, is there a way to expedite delivery?
Do give us a call at +65 6538 3838 and we will try to accommodate you to the best that we can.


Can I collect my orders instead of having them delivered?
Yes! You may collect your items from our stores upon confirmation of the order. Just to be sure, please give us a call before heading down to the store to collect your items.

Collection can be done at the following locations:
1) WJL's Main Office at 30 & 31 North Canal Road, Singapore 059286, at the following timeslots
  • Mondays to Fridays 8.30am to 5pm
  • Saturdays 8.30am to 3pm
  • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
2) Cheong Kwan Jang's City Store at Chinatown Point #B2-25, 133 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059413
  • 10.30am to 9.30pm daily

Alterations and Cancellations

What happens if the items I have ordered is not available?
If the item(s) ordered online is unavailable, you will receive a full refund back on your credit card.
Can I change the items I’ve ordered or can I cancel my order?
We’re sorry, but no. Once the transaction is completed, orders cannot be changed or cancelled. Do ensure that the correct products and quantities have been selected before completing the order process. If you choose not to accept delivery, no refunds will be made.
Can I return an item I am not satisfied with?
Unfortunately not. Items purchased cannot be returned or refunded unless the item has been delivered in a damaged condition. If you have received an item which is damaged, do let us know within 24 hours by calling us at +65 6538 3838 or via email at Damaged products will be replaced soonest possible.

For exchanges, items must be in their original condition, including original unopened product packaging. All packaging must be unmarked and not defaced in any manner. Items purchased as part of a set or promotional package have to be returned as a whole set. Exchanges can be done within 7 days from delivery at our physical locations. Items will have to be reviewed by us and we reserve the right to reject any exchange requests if the returned product fails to meet the requirements.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions page, or call us at +65 6538 3838 during office hours, or email