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Korean Red Ginseng 高丽参

Korean Red Ginseng  高丽参
Taste and Forms
- Bitter
- Root, sliced, powdered, capsuled, extracts, by-products
- Supplements Qi (vital energy)
- Improves strength, endurance and immune system
- Enhances mental functions
- Acts as an antioxidant
- Chronic fatigue
- Stress, anxiety and depression
- Lack of appetite
- Vomiting and intestinal problems
- Impotence
- Patients with high blood pressure should consult their physicians before taking Korean red ginseng
- Patients experiencing high fevers should avoid taking Korean red ginseng
Modern Research Findings
- Most people think that ginseng generates heat but, in fact, ginseng does not contain materials that generate heat. Ginseng warms the body to boost blood circulation and metabolism of our body and this can lead to various health benefits
- Reduces blood sugar level, blood viscosity and brain blood circulation, helping diabetics prevent complications
- Reduces reactive oxygen species, the cause of aging in the body
- Boosts energy and improves memory function