Wjl Birds Nest Concentrate Wing Joo Loong

Concentrated Birds Nest 6s (浓缩燕窝 少糖)

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Wing Joo Loong Concentrated Bird's Nest (reduced sugar) is specially prepared from premium grade 100% geniune bird's nest, specially selected and cleaned to provide nourishment for everyone in the family.

It is manufactured in Singapore in a HACCP and Halal Certified factory, ensuring a high standard of quality.

Best consumed straight from the bottle, chilled or warmed according to one's preference.

Take one or two bottles daily.

Once opened, the product is to be refrigerated and consumed within 24hours to ensure freshness.

100% natural - No preservatives, flavouring, colouring or stabilisers

Ingredients: 100% Genuine Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar, Purified Water