How to Rebalance the Yin and Yang in Your Body

In TCM, every individual’s body constitution is unique and changes from time to time based on our age, diet, lifestyle habits, mental state and the external living environment.


Did you know? There are two forces in our body – Yin and Yang. Yin is a cold, dark but nourishing force, whereas Yang is a hot, bright and energetic force. These two opposing yet complementary forces are constantly flowing, changing and balancing – when one of the two grows in excess, it forces the other to shrink and trigger a transformation. Too much Yin or Yang can cause an imbalance in the body and create health issues.

Check if your dominant symptoms correspond with these common characteristics to find out if you have a Yin- or Yang-deficient constitution: 


Common Symptoms: Warm palms and soles; Dry mouth and prefer cold drinks; Dry stools; Dry skin; Dizziness; Insomnia; Ringing or buzzing in the ears and scanty urine; Thready pulse.

How to nourish the Yin and strengthen the kidney


Common Symptoms: Aversion to cold and cold limbs; Physical or mental tiredness and prefer hot drinks and food; Fatigue; Pale fatty tongue with teeth-mark at tongue edge; Slippery tongue coating and deep pulse; Pale lips and scattered hair; Perspire easily; Loose stools and large volume of urine.

How to strengthen the Yang energy of the kidney and spleen


By adopting positive changes to our diet and lifestyle, we can help shift our body to a more neutral constitution and achieve internal balance. Here is what the ideal body constitution looks like:

Common characteristics: Glowing facial colour and complexion; Sharp olfaction and vision; Red and moist lips; Dynamic and energetic; Cope well with heat and cold; Able to sleep well and have good appetite; Normal bowel movement and urination; Light pink tongue and thin white coating; Smooth and regular pulse rate.

How to maintain neutral state of balance

  • Food to take: Maintain a balanced diet by eating food that contain different flavours.
  • Note: Avoid improper eating habits such as too spicy foods, too much cold, raw and frozen foods, over-eating, high-salt diets, and ill-balanced dieting.
  • Lifestyle tips: Maintain a good balance of work and leisure; avoid staying up late; avoid direct exposure to wind and cold.

In TCM, there are actually nine different types of body constitutions. We will be sharing more in our upcoming series, so stay tuned.

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Note: The information above is for general reference and does not serve as a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. For a more accurate diagnosis and treatment, please consult a licensed TCM practitioner.